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SAAL acrylic cover album review

Today I am reviewing an album with an acrylic cover from SAAL digital! I have never bought or seen an album with an acrylic cover, so I was really interested to check it out to see if I liked it enough to switch my primary wedding albums to the acrylic cover albums.

I got the 12 x 12 acrylic cover pro album, and I have to say I was impressed! The ~5mm acrylic cover is nice and thick, and feels like it will stand the test of time. What's also nice about it is that it's easy to wipe down as opposed to a linen cover. The pages are lay flat so a spread can lie across the whole page without anything getting lost in the seam. I ordered the thin pages, as I really don't care for the super thick page albums myself. I liked thickness of the "thin" pages, because they are still decently thick and sturdy but not weirdly thick if that makes sense. The pages are very shiny which is a different look to the matte pages I have on my KISS book.

As for color and brightness with the album, I was overall happy with how the photos in the album came out. They were almost exactly true to color and brightness compared with my the photos on my screen and my KISS album. I did notice though that photos in the album were a slight touch cooler in temperature than the original photo. Another observation was that the acrylic cover photo seemed a touch green and maybe cool as well, and there seemed to be some detail in the highlights that were lost in our faces.

These color and highlight critiques are minimal though, and I still really enjoyed this album with its unique acrylic cover. Overall, I think this is a very solid album at a great price point that I will probably start offering as an option besides a KISS album for clients!

You can find SAAL acrylic photo books at , and at #saaldigital on social media.

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