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La Jolla Maternity session | San Diego Maternity Photography

819 days of trying. 38 vials of blood. 32 injections. 2 failed IUIs. $20,000+ and 1 IVF finally equaled 2 pink lines indicating pregnancy for Allyson and Shane! Allyson was a springboard diver at UCSD like I was, and the diving community is really small so I have known Allyson for a while. I had been following Allyson's pregnancy journey of ups and downs virtually on social media for a while now. I never realized how common it was to run into infertility issues, especially for a couple in their early to mid twenties.

Allyson called it the "Embryo Hunger Games" (which I thought was hilarious) that she had 18 eggs retrieved, 16 mature, 12 fertilized, and 2 viable embryos from IVF!

Our maternity session got into jeopardy when Allyson was put on bed rest the week of our maternity session, we were bummed about that. We rescheduled for a couple of weeks later, keeping our fingers crossed that Allyson would get the thumbs up from her doctor to be able to do the maternity session - and we got the all-clear! And I'm so glad because our session was so much fun.

We were blessed with a beautiful, sunny day for our session at Windansea Beach in La Jolla, and we managed to get there to take photos at the hut right before a wedding would be using it until sunset. I'm so glad that Allyson and Shane were down to climb out on a couple of rocks, and were game to run out into the ocean for the last part of the shoot! You can tell they have tons of fun together, and there's so much love between them. They are so close to being able to meet their baby Emilia, I'm glad that IVF helped enable them to be able to start their family! Little Emilia is one lucky girl to have such amazing parents.

Allyson's beautiful flower crown was made by Sugar Rose Flowers, it was a beautiful touch for the photos!

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