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Southern California Bridal Session with her horse

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

I absolutely loved this bridal session in San Diego! Nicole's horse "Beau" is SO beautiful. I was in love! I had to fight the urge to just feed him carrots and apples all day, and photograph him instead of just spoiling him.

Let's start by explaining a little about bridal sessions. Although not that common on the west coast, they are very popular in the south -- and actually originated in Europe. Back in the day, there weren't any cameras to capture the wedding day so brides would go to the studio to have an oil painting portrait created of the bride in her wedding gown. These portraits were usually commissioned by the bride's family to commemorate the joyful union, and the portraits would decorate the house for future generations to see.

Today, Bridal Portraits are amazing to reduce stress for the day of the wedding by having a wedding vendor trial run - especially for hair and makeup from your wedding day hair and makeup artist, getting to wear THE DRESS and make sure the alterations are perfect, connecting with your photographer (since you are with them more than even your SPOUSE on your wedding day!), and getting a bouquet from your florist and making sure you are still happy with your bouquet colors and style. This is your opportunity to see how all of your details look pulled together. This is YOUR day to be pampered, have fun, and get beautiful photos done. And with such a pretty and expensive wedding dress, Brides sometimes bring their sister, mom, Maid of Honor, whomever! Think of Bridal Sessions as a Part 2 bachelorette party- it's your time to get pampered, and have fun!

Nicole brought her 2 girls Charlotte & Juliet, along with her Palomino, sBeau, to her session. While Beau wasn't a huge fan of having flowers draped on him (and he was really wanting to eat the bouquet), we still got tons of beautiful images of him and the family!

Bridal portraits are usually done one to two months before the wedding, so there is time to fix any dress minor alterations if needed, and decide on any changes to hair, makeup, or florals. It's also a great way to break in those new wedding shoes! These portraits from the bridal session are perfect for printing on canvas to display at the wedding reception. They also make amazing heirloom gifts for family.

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