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Paradise Point Engagement Session | San Diego Engagement Photographer

Updated: Mar 20, 2021


The Coronavirus has definitely put a damper on 2020 plans. Especially for Debbi and Mike, who had to make the difficult choice to postpone their wedding until next year. They still wanted to do a mini-vacation and celebrate the day they were supposed to get married, so they opted for an engagement session on their original wedding date at the resort they love to stay at! They weren't originally going to do an engagement session before their wedding this year, but now they have beautiful photos to commemorate their original date AND they will be posing pros on their wedding date next year :)

Debi and Mike were such troopers too! Of COURSE since just postponing their wedding and all the planning wasn't enough, but the power went out at the Paradise Point Resort unexpectedly the morning of their shoot! The power was off for about 3 hours when Debi texted me that she and her husband are going to have to drive 45 minutes home and back to go get ready at home. I felt so bad for them!! Luckily though SDGE was able to restore power literally FIVE minutes before they were about to give up on power being restored and driving home. I'm so glad they didn't have to do all that extra driving!

Paradise Point area is so beautiful, with the beach right there and a gorgeous little lake area with water spouts in it with a footpath around. A fun moment from the session was while walking around the lake spot for photos, we came across a sign with song lyrics on it that I didn't immediately recognize - then Debi and Mike say "that's crazy! That's the lyrics to our song- Perfect by Ed Sheeran!" (Totally have heard that song tons of times but guess I don't have the lyrics memorized enough 😂). Then we ran across another sign with more lyrics! It made Debi and Mike's engagement session feel extra special, even though we found the group that set it up for a surprise proposal. Their set up at the final spot was SO cute, we tried to stay to watch for a little when we thought she was walking up! The boyfriend (fiancé to be) had the signs with Perfect lyrics, some rose petals on the ground leading to a little outlet by the lake with some lanterns and decorations. So cute, hope she was over the moon excited!

Other than that, we got lucky with the weather to have sun and cloudy weather for the best of both worlds of shooting! The way the light was catching on Debi's dress throughout the session was SO dreamy, I was in love! Debbi and Mike had dinner reservations at the restaurant at Paradise Point, hope they had a great dinner and end to the day that should have been their wedding. I can't wait to shoot at Paradise Point Resort again soon, I'll have to go back to eat at the restaurant on the water!

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