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San Diego Wildflower Mini Sessions

This little wildflower field in North County San Diego was so pretty I had to do a couple of distanced mini sessions! I CAN'T WAIT to be able to offer more mini sessions here next year! Mini sessions are a great way to get a handful of updated family photos. Keep an eye out for an upcoming summer mini sessions at the beach, and a fall session later this fall. These sessions are perfect for getting a new family photo to send out for your Christmas cards!

Little ones in the wildflowers are just SO cute! For the first mini session of Annie and Luke, Luke ESPECIALLY loves flowers, he was in heaven. He was in a mood though and was not digging my camera... AT. ALL. Like he would hear me snapping, and stop what he was doing, glare at me, put his little hand out and say "STOP!" I almost felt bad to continue taking photos! I left him alone with the flowers he loved for a few minutes, and then started snapping again on my long 70-200 lens to try to leave him (kind of) undisturbed. Family sessions with kids under about 6 usually have a grumpy kid or two and can feel chaotic, but there are still always good photos that come of them! I always assure my families that no matter how crazy the session may be feeling, there will still be amazing photos from them! There are always great photos showcasing how the family loves each other.

I've known Annie and Kelly from my second session for around 9 years now, so it is always really special and an honor to capture these precious moments and watch their families grow! Annie and Kelly and I met working at a sports bar all those years ago, and I'm so glad we are all still good friends!

Kelly and Barry and Charlie were so much fun too! Little Charlie was also loving the flowers, and luckily he was feeling a little more photogenic than Luke was!

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