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Kelly and Barry

I’m so excited to be able to share the story of Kelly and Barry’s growing family!  Barry and Kelly met out in the water surfing in Cardiff about 12 years ago…. But Kelly doesn’t remember that!  The first time Kelly remembers meeting Barry is when her and Jacqueline went for after work drinks at Pacific Coast Grill, and Barry was the bartender that day.  Barry was so genuine and friendly, Kelly and Barry started hitting it off, and when Barry said he wanted a house with a white picket fence full of animals one day, Kelly knew she was smitten.  When Kelly took a trip to the restroom, Jacqueline wrote Kelly’s number on a napkin note and slipped it to Barry, and said “call her!”.  Barry called the next day!

About a week after they met though, Barry had to move to Grass Valley for 6 months to finish school.  While that was a hard separation right off the bat, they kept in touch and visited each other and it all worked out- they have been together now 12 years, and married for 8! #relationshipgoals .  Their family unit consists of Tuna the cat that Barry adopted as a kitten (and is now 18 POUNDS!), and Tucker the “Boneless Chicken” cat, because he’s pretty much gumby and can move any which direction and can look more like putty than cat.  And the NEWEST family unit addition is Baby Charlie who will be making arriving in about 6 weeks!!

Charlie’s name was an easy pick for Barry and Kelly, named after Kelly’s dad whose middle name was Charles.  Kelly has been very blessed with a pretty easy pregnancy so far, with her only craving being soda (could be a lot worse!)  In the beginning of her pregnancy, she was repulsed by avocados and pizza (?!?) haha not anymore though! They are so excited to bring baby Charlie on their favorite weekend getaways road tripping up to Big Sur, or surfing down in Baja when he’s ready for it.

Kelly and Barry are going to be such AMAZING parents, Charlie is one lucky baby!! Even after 12 years of being together, you can feel SO much love, joy, and adoration between them.  I met Kelly about 6 years ago working at Tidewater, and it’s been amazing (and hilarious) knowing Kelly and Barry, and I am so excited to watch little Charlie grow! The "Tide Babes" of Tidewater can't wait to spoil Charlie rotten one day.

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