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Sarina and Charlie's Windansea engagement session

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Shooting Sarina and Charlie's engagement session at Windansea Beach in La Jolla was so much fun! The waves were pretty high that day (which made for some awesome backgrounds), and they were so adventurous, getting way out on the rocks right up next to where the waves were crashing! I'm glad they managed to avoid a sneaky wave soaking them, had a couple of close calls though! What I love about Windansea Beach is (besides the iconic hut, of course) is that it looks different almost every time you go- most of the time it's pretty rocky and not much sand, and other times like this time the sand was actually up pretty high, which covers quite a bit of the rocks. We also got lucky that the sun actually made an appearance that day which was amazing (but for real though, what's up with it being overcast in San Diego on the coast through mid July?? I need my sunshine!).

Charlie and Sarina are so cute together- it was so easy and fun working with them, they were natural models! They met for the first time about 4 and a half years ago while hiking in Palos Verdes with some mutual friends along some scenic cliffs. They connected over yoga, rocks, and adventure on the hike where they met, and the first date followed shortly after that! They have been dating ever since. During the past almost 5 years they have been based mostly here in southern California, but they also got the opportunity to go live in Japan together for a few months with Sarina's sister! How awesome is that?!

Charlie proposed recently on the gorgeous sand dunes overlooking the sea at Montana de Oro, in San Luis Obispo, and of course Sarina said YES! They are looking forward to planning a wedding at the Hacienda in Santa Ana, and a honeymoon in Hawaii!

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